Applied Sports Mechanics


Applied Sports Mechanics is an insightful way to bring a more technical and analytical approach to Personal Training. You will study the principles of kinetics, kinematics, and sports technique, and learn how to best apply them to a Personal Training Program.


Continuing Education Units: 12 Credits

The Applied Sports Mechanics CEU Course is a great way to delve into the technical side of personal training. By improving your knowledge on Sports Mechanics, you stand to improve many aspects of your Personal Training Programs. Not only will you gain concrete information on fitness and athletics, but you will also gain a more in-depth understanding of the exercises you may wish to incorporate.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to apply sports mechanics to all sports
  • Learn how to analyze sports mechanics for individualizes
  • Learn proper techniques for sports mechanics
  • Learn how to customize sports mechanics for everyone

Course Outcomes

  • Know and understand sports mechanics anatomy
  • Know the techniques of a variety of sports
  • Know how to apply techniques in the book to real life training
  • Know how to administer a sports mechanics program

Course Goals

  • Understand the importance of sports mechanics for all ages
  • Understand the versatility of sports mechanics
  • Understand sports mechanics for different sports
  • Understand when to apply sports mechanics and how to minimize injury

Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. Course Outline
  3. 100 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified


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Dimensions 12.125 × 9.125 × 1.125 in

E-Course, Hard Copy

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