Martial Arts Conditioning


The Martial Arts Conditioning continuing education course is designed to teach you how to not only become a stronger fight, but also a faster fighter, and a fighter who can keep fighting longer. This CEU Course presents key exercises for different aspects of fighting; from punching, to kicking, grappling, as well as a section dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It also teaches the proper diet and nutrients for martial artist. This book will not only train your body, but train your mind. Without a strong mind, the body will fail and vice versa.


Continuing Education Units: 12 Credits

The Martial Arts Conditioning CEU Course provides trainers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to  achieve your marital arts conditioning performance goals, safely and effectively.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use the proper conditioning techniques for custom goals
  • Learn how to incorporate the training points into conditioning
  • Learn proper exercise prescriptions for conditioning
  • Learn how to customize for martial artists and MMA fighters

Course Outcomes

  • Know the the conditioning principals
  • Know the strength exercises for agility strength and endurance
  • Know how to increase speed, agility, and flexibility
  • Know how to administer the program to increase conditioning

Course Goals

  • Understand the importance of training for martial arts
  • Understand the versatility of martial training
  • Understand exercises for training in martial arts
  • Understand how to use effective exercises for increased performance and safety

Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. Study Guide
  3. 80 question (multiple choice, open book) CEU Exam & Essay

E-Course Instructions

  • You will receive the links to the course materials and exam within 24-48hrs of purchase.


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified (recommend, but not required)
Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 12.125 × 9.125 × 1.25 in

E-Course, Hard Copy

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